Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute

History & Mission

Advancing the Hispanic Community’s Diversity of Thought


History & Mission

About the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute


Advancing the Hispanic Community's Diversity of Thought

Mission Statement

The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) is the premier organization founded by Members of Congress to advance the Hispanic Community's Economic Progress with a focus on Social Responsibility and Global Competitiveness.


Founded in 2003, CHLI is a 501(c)3 non-profit and non-partisan organization. CHLI is dedicated to fostering a broad awareness of the diversity of thought, heritage, interests and views of Americans of Hispanic and Portuguese descent.

Leadership Focus

CHLI’s foundation lies in leadership. CHLI prepares, connects and honors leaders. CHLI prepares future leaders through internships, scholarships and conferences that involve public service, leadership development, and business and academic excellence. CHLI connects public service and business leaders through briefings on the Hill, breakfast forums with Members of Congress, and networking receptions throughout the country. CHLI honors leaders at the Annual Gala & Leadership Awards and recognizes Congressional Staff for their leadership with the Stephen Vermillion CHLI Congressional Staff Appreciation Award.


Areas of Focus  


Youth Leadership Development 

Our youth are the future leaders of our country. CHLI supports Hispanic youth and young professionals through several programs - the CHLI Global Leaders Internship and Fellowship Program, the CHLI Future Leaders Conferences, and Communications & Marketing Fellowship.


Public Service

CHLI was founded by Members of Congress representing diverse areas of our country who volunteer their time to support CHLI's mission and programs. CHLI seeks to inspire others to answer the call to public service by promoting careers in the local, state and federal government.

Corporate Responsibility

CHLI hosts informative forums that highlight the many ways Hispanics succeed as senior corporate executives, board members, and small business owners. CHLI aims to demonstrate how Corporate America and the Hispanic community can effectively work together.  CHLI is a member of the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR).



Trade & International Affairs

CHLI works beyond the United States to foster constructive relations and pursue opportunities for growth and success among the peoples of the Americas and Europe. CHLI's strategic partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and multinational corporations have helped make possible an increased awareness of the importance of international affairs by the U.S. Hispanic community.


Commerce is the economic backbone of the United States. These contributions drive growth, create employment, and stimulate economic development.  CHLI supports entrepreneurs and programs that support starting and growing a small business in the United States. 

Technology & Innovation

Technology is a pioneering field that rapidly changes the ways we live, work, play, and communicate. CHLI fosters dialogues that promote economic growth through innovations and technological advances.


Branding & Logo



The CHLI logo represents combined strength, leadership and growth, and through that is how CHLI continues to prepare, connect and honor leaders.

The purple represents prestige, which signifies how CHLI holds itself to the highest standard in the community. It is also a combination of red and blue, which represents the Republican and Democratic parties coming together. Green represents economic progress and growth, and white represents integrity and hope.

The purple arrow symbolizes leadership designed in a repeated pyramid pattern illustrating progressive movement. The green arrow connecting to the purple arrows represents growth and unrestricted movement to the future.