Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute

Ethan Starkey


Ethan Starkey

Internship & Career Success Manager

Ethan Starkey serves as the FIU/CHLI Internship & Career Success Manager. Ethan is responsible for managing current Washington, D.C. internship programs for Florida International University (FIU) and the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) Global Leaders Internship Program as well as other CHLI internships and fellowships. In managing projects, sessions with leaders, mentorship and sponsorship opportunities for all interns, Ethan will also develop programs to provide professional and personal development to FIU alumni and members of the CHLI Global Leaders Alumni Network.

Combining the resources of the country’s highest serving Hispanic institution with the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute, will provide better opportunities for the interns and alumni. He will be managing FIU’s partnership with CHLI by working with directly with CHLI’s staff on alumni relations and the Future Leaders Conference. He will be representing FIU and CHLI across the country to promote the opportunities for Hispanic students at FIU and CHLI.  His efforts will advance the long-term commitment FIU and CHLI have made to provide training and resources to ensure our future leaders are globally competitive.

Prior to joining FIU and CHLI, Ethan served as the Resident Director for the University College at American University. In this role, he managed an experiential living-learning program that blended out-of-the classroom learning with concepts learned inside the classroom. Primarily working with first-year students, Ethan became invested in student success and curricular-based learning.

He holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Telecommunications from Bowling Green State University, and a Master’s of Science in Higher Education Administration from Florida International University.  Ethan brings a unique blend of student affairs experience in: creating and expanding experiential learning programs, supporting college students in their day-to-day lives, and helping students in their pursuit of academics.

Although he is originally from Ohio, Ethan is fluent in English and proficient in Spanish reading, writing, and speaking. Through his experience working with college students, Ethan has attended multiple Alternative Spring Break Programs that addressed issues of poverty, homelessness, and hunger in metropolitan areas. Ethan has also planned and facilitated numerous small-scale philanthropic events with students to teach the value of community service, and play a small part in community-based volunteering.