Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute

Spring 2018 GL's


Meet the SPRING 2018 Global Leaders


Susana Barraza

Home State: California

University: Sacramento State University

Major: Economics

Graduation Year: May 2019

Susana Barraza recently transferred as a Junior to Sacramento State University where she is completing her bachelor’s degree in Economics. Captivated by the impact economics plays in issues such as poverty, disenfranchisement, and people's overall welfare, she has strived to bring awareness within those in her community. As an advocate, she has dedicated herself to improve the educational system and help others have access to higher education. As a 'Puentista' from the Puente Project, a national award-winning program focusing on improving the college-going rate in California, she has provided mentorship and assistance to students and parents to create paths to achieve educational endeavors. Susana is working toward the day that her influence improves education policy and plans to return home with a broadened perspective on the political process and networking relationships. After graduating, she will go on to pursue her Master’s in Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.


Amanda Gonzalez 

Home State: Florida

University: Florida International University 

Major: Political Science and International Relations

Graduation Year: Dec 2017

Amanda is a recent Magna Cum Laude graduate of Florida International University (FIU) where she graduated with degrees in Political Science and International Relations and minors in National Security and Near Eastern Studies. While attending FIU, Amanda assisted in researching rural reform movements in Colombia, sectarianism and democratization in Iraq, and Peruvian military culture. She is passionate about incorporating different perspectives in foreign policy and is eager to learn about the different approaches policymakers take to solve these difficult problems. 


Daniel Iturregui

Home State: Puerto Rico

University: Universidad del Sagrado Corazon

Major: Accounting

Graduation Year: May 2019

Daniel Iturregui Perez is a third-year accounting major at Universidad del Sagrado Corazon in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Last semester Daniel interned with Resident Commissioner Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon of Puerto Rico where he assisted the communications team by managing social media platforms and coordinating interviews with corporate news representatives. This experience allowed Daniel to expose himself to the intricate relationship between mainstream media and the political sphere. Daniel hopes to continue using the lessons learned from his experiences in our nation’s Capital to create a long-lasting impact in his community and contribute to the Puerto Rican statehood movement. By building professional networks and lobbying for Puerto Rican civil rights, Daniel seeks to improve voter outreach to Puerto Ricans living in the mainland and learn about the socio-economic repercussions of tax law to represent his community better and transform himself into successful decision maker.


David Munoz

Home State: California

University: Wake Forest University

Major: Politics and International Affairs and Latino American Studies

Graduation Year: May 2018

David will be a graduate of Wake Forest University in May of 2018, where he will have attained a Bachelors of Arts in Politics and International Affairs as well as Latin American Studies. While attending college, David became involved in the Winston-Salem Poverty Thought Force where he managed the Housing Division of the program. This experience further ignited David’s passion in the area of housing and urban development as a means to engage and give back to his community. In the future, he plans to acquire a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from Georgetown University. During his time in D.C., he aims to learn the various routes that exist to impact housing policy and further the development of the communities he serves


Samantha Vega

Home State: California

University: Whittier College

Major: Political Science

Graduation Year: Dec 2017

Samantha is a recent first-generation college graduate from Whittier College where she graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science. While attending college, Samantha became involved in Student Senate as well as over five student organizations on campus. Samantha’s passion for community outreach, organization, and lobbying deepened her desire to work in Constituent Relations to assist the public in understanding the resources and assistance federal representatives offer their communities. In that same lane, Samantha plans to relay the issues and concerns of communities to federal officials and create meaningful solutions. She anticipates that her experience in Washington D.C. will allow her to return home with a job that will give her the opportunity to give back to her community in Southern California. 




A 15 week internship program working in Congressional and corporate offices in Washington D.C.

Students will work on project-based programs that provide hands-on experience and also strengthen their understanding of public policy and will also earn academic credit hours from the George Washington University.

The program takes place in the spring and in the fall semester of each year. 




WEEK 2-7

Congressional Office Placement

Weeks 7-15

Corporate Office Placement


Congressional and corporate experience

Exposure to policy from many different lenses.

Fully-paid internship.

 Covers housing, round trip airfare, and a living/travel stipend.


Currently enrolled Junior or Senior, or be within one calendar year of their undergrad graduation date.

Must be fully available for program dates and complete the entire semester.